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So my life at school is ending, and as bitter as that is, it is also sickly sweet. I am going to Enlgand to work, than I am hopefully looking forward to several years in Uni doing what I love 24/7. Conceptualising, designing and creating. I cannot wait. And I fully plan to have a little run down apartment, squeezing four or five of my friends in a two bedroom flat, decorating and making little things to divine something short of perfection.
So I love little ideas like this.
+Im going to hand hats from a ling of string with pegs.
+And have rows of color coordinated vintage books.

And my ideas will expand. Gahah! I have a new purpose for my blog, just like that. A collection of ideas and other lovely things for Uni, life and creativity.
I humbly thank you.
Best about it all, its solely for me, so I needn't worry about pleasing you dear readers, which you will probably be all the better for.
You're probably not even reading this.

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